It’s a record-breaking -22 C in Toronto right now

The previous record low in the city was set in 1959 when the temperature dipped to -20.6 C.

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Arrest made in case of brothers accused of stealing gas

One of the brothers suspected of stealing gas from various gas stations in the Jane St. and Finch Ave. W. has been arrested by police.

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Wife of legendary Inuit singer Charlie Panigoniak pleads for help to keep heat, lights on

Panigoniak suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia. “He’s not so good,” said his wife. The couple has depended on his pension and her salary. They own their...

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Tim Harper: The year Catherine McKenna must herd the cats for a national climate plan

Alberta is key and Justin Trudeau will have to step in and help Premier Rachel Notley win a pipeline victory, Tim Harper writes.

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Zaspao je ispod drveta, a kada se probudio, pored njega je ležala OPASNA ZVER (VIDEO)

Iako je gepard divlja životinja, ovo će vas u potpunosti iznenaditi. Izgleda da neki ipak znaju da se ponašaju kao kućni ljubimci. U to se uverio i Dolf Volker...

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Na današnji dan 4. januar

1785  -  Rodjen je nemački pisac Jakob Grim (Grimm), osnivač savremene germanistike. S bratom Vilhelmom (Wilhelm) sakupio je i objavio čuvene priče i bajke za decu. Započeo je rad na ...

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Former chief of staff to Brian Mulroney, Stanley Hartt, dies

Before joining Mulroney’s office, Hartt served as deputy finance minister under former finance minister Michael Wilson and was a key figure in the negotiations that led to...

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B.C. father charged with second-degree murder in young girls’ deaths on Christmas

Andrew Berry, 43, was arrested and charged after he was released from hospital. A friend and a family member have identified the girls as Chloe Berry, 6,...

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Bill Lishman, who taught birds to fly with him, remembered for thinking outside the box

The 1996 movie Fly Away Home starring Jeff Daniels was based on Lishman’s autobiography, Father Goose.

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Woman with aggressive cancer marries in the hospital. She dies the next day

The day David Mosher planned to propose marriage to Heather, she found out she had cancer. He said to himself, She needs to know she’s not going...

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Convicted TTC officers deserve jail time, says Crown

Crown Attorney asks judge to sentence three men found guilty in fake ticket writing scheme to time behind bars.

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Trump just took credit for preventing airline deaths. Here’s why that’s absurd

We’re used to President Trump taking credit for things, deserved or not, but this sets a new standard.

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Sultan Khan’s dying wish was to see his son. But Canada denied the visitor’s visa

Sultan Khan, a torture victim who immigrated from Pakistan and had an extremely hard life in Toronto, was tenacious to the end. But his final days were...

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‘And now, again, we wait’: 20,000 Syrian refugees are still waiting to come here

The processing time for sponsorship of Syrian refugees has gone up to 19 months from 13 months, with 20,000 applications still somewhere in the queue.

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SIU investigating following the death of a man near Peterborough

The 59-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, the Special Investigations Unit says.

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Porter flight makes emergency landing at Pearson following technical problem

The flight from Billy Bishop was scheduled to fly to New Jersey’s Newark Liberty airport. Soon after takeoff, the plane had to shut down an engine due...

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Activists team with business owners to find hotel rooms for Toronto&s homeless when shelters

A pregnant woman and her partner among the many housed in hotel rooms where a shelter wasn’t an option on Sunday night

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Na današnji dan - 1. januar

1915 - Rodjen je srpski pisac Branko Ćopić, nastavljač tradicije seoske pripovetke srpskog realizma (Kočić, Ćorović, Veselinović). Humorista, autor rodoljubive i dečije poezije, jedan je od ...

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Nespretni buldog pokušao je da ukrade kolače sa šporeta, međutim uspeo je da napravai

Jedan buldog, ljubitelj slatkiša, pokušao je da se dokopa kolača, ali sve je krenulo naopako

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