U.S. judge partially lifts Trump ban on Muslim refugees

U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle ordered the federal government to process certain refugee applications. He said his order does not apply to refugees without a...

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Out of chaos, Trump has reshaped U.S. immigration

Although Trump has been repeatedly frustrated by the limits of his power, his efforts to remake decades of immigration policy have gained increasing momentum as the White...

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Ex-Montreal orchestra conductor Charles Dutoit denies sexual misconduct allegations

Dutoit’s office issued a statement Saturday saying the allegations from four women reported earlier this week “have absolutely no basis in truth.”

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California wildfire now the largest blaze officially recorded in state history

The wildfire took only 2 ½ weeks to burn its way into history books as unrelenting winds and parched weather turned everything, including more than 700 homes,...

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U.S. approves plan to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, officials say

The move intensifies U.S. support for Ukraine’s military as it fights rebels that the United States says are supported, armed and trained by Russia.

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Improved economic growth shaves years off Canada’s long-term federal debt

By 2040-41, the federal debt would top out at around $1.08 trillion before starting to fall, as compared to last year’s prediction that it would reach $1.55...

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Yukon to apply ‘ice Band-Aid’ to river after it fails to freeze second year in a row,

The Yukon River usually freezes over within a few weeks after the summer ferry stops operating, allowing crossings to be made initially on foot, by snowmobile and...

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B.C. health official wants to put common opioid in vending machines

Dr. Mark Tyndall said he envisions a regulated system where drug users would be assessed, registered and issued a card to use in vending machines to obtain...

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Toronto police sex crimes unit investigates Crystal Castles songwriter Ethan Kath

Toronto police have confirmed that Claudio Palmieri, songwriter of Crystal Castles, is being investigated.

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Amtrak train engineer wasn’t distracted by phone before deadly crash, officials say

Video showed that the engineer also did not place the train’s brake handle in the emergency-braking mode as the locomotive was recorded travelling well above the speed...

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Opinion: Toronto’s King St. pilot project is killing business

Turning King St. into a freeway for streetcars is killing local business, but the project can be fixed, writes restaurant owner Fred Luk.

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Ontario, eastern Canada advised to avoid romaine lettuce over E. coli outbreak

Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador have each reported 13 cases, Ontario has had 8, New Brunswick five and Nova Scotia one.

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Remember the baby born by flashlight in the 2013 ice storm? Turns out he gets plenty of ice time

Pearson Mbonda was born by flashlight at Pickering hospital four years ago during the Christmastime ice storm. So of course, now, “I’m a great skater.”

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LIVE: Toronto, York school buses cancelled with more snow on the way

Five to 10 centimetres of snow fell on Thursday night and into Friday morning, and now there is an additional two to four centimetres expected.

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Right-wing extremism ‘growing concern’ in Canada, federal report says

Main terrorism threat remains “violent extremists” inspired by groups like Daesh, but Public Safety Canada warns far right groups on the rise online.

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Former Toronto mayor June Rowlands dead at age 93

June Rowlands served as Toronto&s first female mayor between 1992 and 1994.

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Canadian border officials looking at GPS tracking as alternative to jailing migrants

The expanded electronic supervision tools such as the use of GPS Electronic Monitoring will be piloted in Greater Toronto as early as April, says a CBSA spokesperson.

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Toronto students’ invention aims to solve lead-in-water issue

The Royal Flush can automatically flush water from taps every 30 minutes to keep lead levels low.

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Pustite psa da vas onjuši, možda vam SPASE ŽIVOT

Pseći njuh ima neverovatne sposobnosti.

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Ovakav očajnički potez zarad novca još niste videli (VIDEO)

Sigurnosna kamera iz taksija snimila je na kakve su očajničke poteze ljudi spremni zarad novca.

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