Alberta MLA for United Conservative Party resigns from caucus

A tweet from Don MacIntyre says he’s resigning to focus on family, but it does not specify whether he is stepping down as an MLA or just...

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After three trials, Shakeil Wheatle found guilty of first-degree murder in slaying of innocent

After three trials, Shakeil Wheatle is guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Daniel Davis.

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White men, age 35-44, are the least likely to hold a university degree, study shows

Canada can credit immigrants for making it one of the best-educated countries in the world.

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BOŽIĆNI OBIČAJI Može li položajnik da bude položajnica?

Verski praznici neretko donose dileme koje se tiču običaja i pravila šta se sme, a šta ne, a izuzetak nije ni radosniji hrišćanski praznik Božić. Iako je manje-više...

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New York teacher sparks outrage for using Black Grade 7 students in slavery lesson

Kids and adults in the school, where the student body is 81 per cent Black and Hispanic and just 3 per cent white, were horrified by the...

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Owners of Leaside house linked to Bruce McArthur brace for excavation work by police

“We’d like to return back to our normal lives but at the end of the day, it can’t interfere with the investigation. We get that. As tough...

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Toronto justice of the peace guilty of judicial misconduct

Tom Foulds was found guilty by the Justices of the Peace Review Council, which determined that he “exploited his position” by getting involved in an assault case...

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Nova Scotia launches toll-free number for women considering an abortion

The phone line will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Outside of those hours, callers can leave a voicemail and receive a...

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New Democrat MP Erin Weir suspended amid harassment allegations

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh calls it a troubling allegation that he takes very seriously.

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Trump says his State of the Union viewership was the highest ever. It wasn’t

“45.6 million people watched, the highest number in history,” the U.S. president wrote in a Thursday tweet, referring to TV viewership numbers. That figure was beaten by...

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Doug Ford abandons plans for mayoral election rematch, puts ‘pedal to the medal’ in Ontario

The ex-city councillor said last fall he would run again for mayor but now says he has to focus on provincial politics.

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Government funding for Soulpepper is ‘under review’

Canada Council for the Arts and other funding organizations put Toronto’s troubled Soulpepper Theatre Company on notice over recent harassment allegations against founder Albert Schultz.

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Zaspao je ispod drveta, a kada se probudio, pored njega je ležala OPASNA ZVER (VIDEO)

Iako je gepard divlja životinja, ovo će vas u potpunosti iznenaditi. Izgleda da neki ipak znaju da se ponašaju kao kućni ljubimci. U to se uverio i Dolf Volker...

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NARODNA VEROVANJA Evo šta ne smete, a šta možete da radite na Badnji dan

Badnjim danom počinje božićno slavlje žene pripremaju trpezu za Božić, a muškarci idu po badnjak. Na ovaj dan je, prema verovanju, najbitnije širiti ljubav prema bližnjima, rešiti stare...

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Police say they will enforce protest-free buffer zones around abortion clinic

Safe Access to Abortion Services Act comes into force Feb. 1, 30 years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion.

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Council approves 10% cap on tax hike for small businesses

Increases in assessments have seen the taxes for some properties increase by more than 100 per cent over the previous year.

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Edward H. Royle firm to represent accused serial killer Bruce McArthur

The law firm representing McArthur is led by one of the country’s most experienced attorney, lawyers say.

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Forensic pathologist tells Winnipeg murder trial cause of Tina Fontaine’s death not determined

Dr. Dennis Rhee testified that his forensic examinations found no definitive injuries on the outside of Tina Fontaine’s body or to her internal organs.

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In his 25 years as NHL commish, Gary Bettman has been the boss, the villain and many things in

With Bettman at the helm, the National Hockey League has grown from 24 teams to 31 and revenue has gone from $400 million to close to $5...

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Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny stepping down months before retirement date

Sources say Kenny officially notified the Governor General this morning that he will leave the Senate ahead of his mandatory retirement date in December.

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